I created this blog so that I could share all of my artistic attempts. Sometimes they are Awesome and sometimes they turn into failures.  I love to cook and make people feel at home so I will also be posting recipes the my family and I love. Home Remedies are a big part of our lives as well, so herbal blends and teas will be included as well. But this journey will be fun and exciting all at the same time. I would love to hear all about your journeys as well. Please comment and make this blog site your home as well. Happy creations and happy living … Enjoy !


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I grew up with a very artistic family from my father being a great artist having his own art shows and all of his paintings having stories behind them to my mother being very artistic with her newspaper worthy gingerbread houses to being a great cook. My brother always had an eye for drawing from a very young age and always stuck with it and is currently an amazing artist in Austin. I also have other family members who are great artists my uncle Bill does amazing Characters that I still have to this day. I also grew up in a family that owned an herbal supplement store called “Go to Health”. I adopted the idea of natural healthy living. I am an avid artist that loves to just escape reality by creating things whether it is crafts, cooking, paintings or writing. My real focus in life has been my 3 beautiful children and my high school sweet heart!


I have also spent many hours with my father-in-law designing different herbal blends and remedies to help people in their day today lives. During this pursuit I was constantly making custom herbal tea bags for friends, family and consumers. Which in turn helped me to create the formula, which you all know as Chillax™.


My dream is to one day be able to travel the world while creating art and making people happy.

If you would like to see all of my art take a look at it it here you will love it! www.artbyrebeccaapayne.weebly.com


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