Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I am so excited every year to find out what my kids want to be so that I can start helping them pick out their outfits. My oldest always just wants to be something scary and insists on getting a mask (which he cannot wear to school because masks are not allowed … which means I have to find a way to paint his face in whatever he finds on the internet) My daughter always comes up with the most interesting ideas and they it is super fun to put together. Then there is my youngest he wants to be some type of super hero or fighter. Last year it was Captain America and this year a Ninja turtle. But not before it was the Red Power Ranger, Ninja, Ninja Turtle, Iron Man, and then yes we settled on Ninja Turtle.


Then we move on to my son he fell in love with the mask from AHS but did not want to be a clown. So we just got creative. My daughter wanted to be a cracked doll and we had so much fun putting it together. Then after we finished my son realized he wanted to be an evil puppet master.


 IMG_8767 IMG_8743

They both turned out amazing. Then for school he could not wear his mask so he found some other ideas online that he wanted me to try and well this is what we came up with.



Don’t you just love his hair? Yes it is all natural and that was tame you should see if when he brushes it all out, he has some amazing hair.


Quick tips

  • Accessorize you costume to make it stand out more.
  • Check what the weather is going to be like on the night of Halloween.
  • Coordinating your costumes can be a fun option. You can match (for example, both being pirates, vampires, and so on), or you can contrast (for example, an angel and a devil, or other opposites).
  • Be age appropriate where necessary. If you’re dressing young children, it’s not recommended to dress them in looks that are too adult in nature.
  • Be unique think of something that no one would think of if possible; at the very least, don’t do what your friends are doing just because you can’t think of something else.
  • Go over things you already own and find your favourite ideas to find what works best for you. I have reused the same dress many Halloweens in a row because I just change my accessories. I have been a flapper girl, gangster sidekick, and black widow.

Take some time to comment and leave your best Halloween Costumes. The Halloween costume with the most likes with get a special GIFT from Mommy Artists. Happy Holidays to you all.


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