DIY Minecraft Blanket

All of my kids like Minecraft playing it and watching other people play it, but my 5 year old is in love with mine craft. So when we moved into our current home I told the kids they could pick how they want there rooms to look and he said I want a Minecraft room.


Well as I looked around I started to realize all Minecraft items are super expensive. I found so many amazing blankets and not one of them was under $60. So I got to thinking I could probably make one of these for him. I already have a ton of blankets I am just going to get the material and cover and old blanket that the kids no longer want.


My daughter and I went to the local fabric store and picked out 5 different colors that we thought matched our project, then of course black. Depending on the size of the blanket that you are covering determines how much fabric you need. This blanket is for a twin bed but is very large. So we bought 1 1/2 yards of each color. Then I just bought a black queen sized flat sheet for the back of the blanket.


I am not sure if you know this or not but woven fabrics always rips in a straight line. I learned this in my Sewing class in high school (back when everyone was required to take Home Ec.) So I put my kids to work I measured out the size I wanted and they started ripping. After we got all of our squares we started laying them out in the pattern that we liked just making sure the colors never had 2 of the same color touching. We made sure to line all of the sides with black and sew it onto the black flat sheet.


Now make sure you use the old blanket for measuring so that you know when you are done it will fit properly. I think I am still going to tie the blanket as well to make sure it stays secure and all of the squares match up nicely.

Let me know what fun DIY projects you have done lately share pictures and you will be put in the mix to win this months prize. Good Luck and thank you for reading.



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