7 Tips to Make Thanksgiving Run Smooth

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I thought i would throw out a few pointers to get you all ready.


  1. Invite all of your Guests: Make sure that you have invited all of the amazing people in your life. Send out a reminder of the time and if people are bringing something just send a list so that other guests do not repeat the same dish as another.
  2. Check Your Local Ads: Many stores will begin to run specials on Thanksgiving related products. Look for deals on food and decorations. You can look at some Halloween decorations that are on sell like pumpkins.
  3. Plan Your Menu: Now that you know a rough guest count you can craft the Menu. make sure that you pick a menu that will easily accommodate your guests (better to have too much and not too little)
  4. Declutter: Seize the opportunity to get rid of old sheet trays (you know, that one with all the baked-on grease that just won’t come off, no matter what), throw out old spices, and clean out the refrigerator. Does your ground coriander taste like sawdust? Chuck it and get a fresh bottle. And let’s not forget about that half-eaten jar of mayo that’s been chillin’ in the back of the fridge. In fact, throw out any condiments that look suspect. You’ll be buying a lot of food over the next two weeks, and you’ll be surprised at just how much space the turkey alone will need.
  5. Decorate: Pull out your Thanksgiving decorations, tablecloths, centerpieces and candles  to make sure they are in good order. You don’t want to discover on Thanksgiving morning that your candles melted together in the attic over the Summer. If you need to replace some worn-out decorations or add to your decor, be sure to do it early. You have more flexibility and can bargain shop if you order online, but you want to leave plenty of time to avoid paying for rush shipping.
  6. Prepare Activities for Children: The children need something to do while all of the adults are in the kitchen cooking, watching football or just reminiscing about old times. Click Here for some cute ideas I found on Pinterest.
  7. Clean the House: The weekend before Thanksgiving is the perfect time to thoroughly clean your house before the big day. Do all of the deep cleaning now so that the day or two before runs smoothly. Deep clean the kitchen, bathrooms and floors. Get your kids in to help make sure the yards are clean incase anyone wants to play outside before the big meal


Start Cooking: Start cooking your pies and smaller side dishes. At this point you are ready for the best Thanksgiving ever.

Just make sure that you remember to take time to enjoy the whole event and it will go smooth. For more Thanksgiving ideas check out my Pinterest page here. If you have a chance to share with us  your favorite Thanksgiving traditions, recipes or other ideas please do. We love to hear from all of you getting new ideas.



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