Mascara & Wine Everything will be fine!



I had the best time creating this fun event with my friend. We were able to create an amazing event and keep it way under budget.

We were able to get all of the stuff at The Dollar Store and Wal-mart for a really great price.

To start off here is a list of things you will need

  1. Black Table Cloths

  2. Wine Glasses (one per guest so grab a few extras)

  3. Chalk Makers

  4. Black Chalkboard Paint

  5. Paint Brush

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Paint the bottom portions of the wine glasses along with anything else you would like to be able to write on. I painted some old vodka bottles so that all of the wine bottles would match and we could write the kind of wine right on the bottle. I know that sounds a little counter productive but I bought boxed wine to help keep the cost down and still wanted everything to look nice.

IMG_0213 IMG_0214

As for the food we kept it really simple but still Kept it classy. So when you have a wine party cheese has to be involved, so we picked up about 4 different types of cheeses. Goat cheese wrapped in cranberries, smoked gouda, brie, gorgonzola. As for the fruit we got strawberries, and both purple and green grapes, but we choose to freeze half of them so that they could be used as ice for the wine as well.


The obvious don’t forget crackers, meat and don’t leave out the chocolate. It’s not a party without chocolate.


Here are a few great sites that I used as references for this party.

If any of you put together a party of your own please take the time to share it with us.

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