DIY Wire Accessories

So I wanted to try something new today. I am really into the wire jewelry lately and was curious if I could do this myself. I make jewelry and have been for years but never ventured down this road before and I thought it would be fun. So here we go!

41x37jaXY5L._SY300_QL70_It is very important that you use the right tools because if you do not the wire can get very beat up in the process of bending and twisting. So you will need some tools exactly like the ones in the picture.

I like to use the top of a lipstick container or nail polish lid for certain parts of my project as well.

Now to start out I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on expensive wire just to screw up on some of my fails. I found some amazing colorful easy to use wire and the Dollar Store.

sytyc1 supplies

This worked out perfect for me. I started with a project I found on Pinterest spelling out names with wire.


 The first one as you can see was a little choppy but as I got the hang of it it got smoother and smoother.






If you would like to try any of these go to my Pinterest page and there are many other great ideas and step by step instructions on how to make them. I hope that you had as much fun with these as I did and if you try your own please share them with us as well.


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